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With Onestop Bankruptcy Center it is all about quality and quality comes from meticulous attention to details. Because of our decades of experience, we are absolutely sure your bankruptcy document will meet or exceed the requirements and we back this with a full money-back guarantee.

Your privacy is important to Onestop Bankruptcy Center and this is why Onestop Bankruptcy Center never shares your information with anyone. Onestop Bankruptcy Center uses the information you give strictly for preparing your documents as described in our privacy policy. 

The security of the information that you give us is important to you as well as to us. This is not limited to your payment information alone but extends to the information your give us to prepare your documents. Our servers and facilities are certified PCI compliant, which is the banking and credit card industry standard for data safety. 

When you pay Onestop Bankruptcy Center for our services, we do not store your payment information anywhere. It is passed straight through to your credit card bank by the authorized credit card gateways, and no trace of your payment information is retained by us in any way. This means that you can confidently conduct your transaction on our onestopbankruptcycenter.co" site knowing that it is impossible for your payment information to get into the wrong hands.

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I used your services 2 years ago, when my husband lost his job in TX, because of the hurricanes. Your service is awesome, no issues, smooth as silk. One day after dismissal [sic]{discharge}, we purchased a brand new car. Because of your {...}, within one year, 76 items were off my Labels, including the bk. I am now referring a friend to you. Thanks for everything!" - Janette M., Houston, TX

  • Full-Service Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Typing/Preparation
  • Same Day Service - If you need to file today, you can.
  • Fully Ready for Filing - Just sign and file
  • Onestop Bankruptcy Center Guarantees the results
  • Discharge all your debts or keep the ones you want
  • Keep all the belongings you want, including multiple vehicles
  • This is not do it alone Software - We type everything for you
  • Same low fee of individual or joint filing
  • List any number of creditors free at no extra charge
  • Includes a free court filing fee waiver at no extra charge
  • We type the documents and, you file them
  • There are no hidden fees
  • Excellent free customer support

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From: The President

Dear Friend,

You are not limited to choosing between high attorney fees and frustrating do it yourself bankruptcy filing. 

You can get quality online bankruptcy filing services for as little as $229 from the leader in online chapter 7 bankruptcy preparation.

Entrust your online bankruptcy to us and we will put it all together for a smooth filing.

"Most Fantastic!"

"This is the most fantastic service that I have ever encountered. I had no problems filing my forms and everything was over and done within minutes thank you." - Kurt F., Butte, MT"

Filing bankruptcy is not fun and the last thing you need is to have your mind clouded by confusing and conflicting messages. At Onestop Bankruptcy Center, we will give you the simple straight talk.

  • Onestop Bankruptcy Center will prepare 100% of everything that you will need for a complete chapter 7 bankruptcy filing and we will do it in one day or less.
  • Our Complete FS and Ultimate FS chapter 7 bankruptcy products are strictly FULL-Service, which means that we do it all for you while you kick back. We also offer an online bankruptcy software product, but it is nothing like the blank PDF files that other vendors falsely market as software.
  • How about the complicated means test forms and calculations? They are all included. Onestop Bankruptcy Center does all the calculations, prepare all the documents and you get your discharge. It is that simple. To repeat, we are a full-service company, so you get everything you need for a successful chapter 7 bankruptcy discharge from us. 
  • How about the bankruptcy exemptions? There is no need to sweat them. Onestop Bankruptcy Center has you covered. Our documents include the exemptions and everything you will need to get your chapter 7 debts discharged the very first time, and you do not have to do anything but follow our simple directions.
  • How about waiving the bankruptcy court filing fee? That is included at no extra charge. Onestop Bankruptcy Center includes the paperwork for waiving the court filing fee if you earn low income. If you hire a lawyer, the court automatically disqualifies you for a court fee waiver.
  • How about the harassing creditor phone calls, lawsuits, judgments and garnishments? They will all stop immediately. Because our online chapter 7 bankruptcy services are full-service, they will include everything necessary to stop the creditor phone calls immediately, stop judgments immediately, stop lawsuits in their track, stop wage garnishment instantly and possibly return some of the already garnished wages back to you.
  • How about notifying the creditors after filing? It is all included. Our documents will ensure that you do not have to do anything but follow our simple directions and get your debts discharged. Our documents will ensure that the court contacts the creditors, not you.
  • Because Onestop Bankruptcy Center online bankruptcy chapter 7 preparation is done full-service, the completed documents that you will get from us will be thorough, accurate and perfectly typed. All you have to do is sign your name on the completed forms which we give you, hand them in to the court, follow our simple directions and your debts will be discharged, GUARANTEED.
  • You will not have to fill out PDF files disguised as software, download or install anything on your computer or use installable chapter 7 bankruptcy software that can compromise your computer. You give us your bankruptcy information online in your web browser; Onestop Bankruptcy Center types the documents and deliver them to you online as a download.
  • What if you need to file bankruptcy with your spouse? You can file online chapter 7 bankruptcy by yourself or with your spouse for the same one low fee. Onestop Bankruptcy Center does not charge extra for your spouse. Essentially, your spouse gets a free bankruptcy filing. Filing bankruptcy online with a spouse adds to the work since the information to be typed is more, but we give you a break by not charging more. If you file with a lawyer, they will take every opportunity to charge you more and that includes charging more for your spouse.
  • What if you have many creditors? Having lots of creditors obviously increases our work but we give you a break considering that you are cash strapped. We do not charge per creditor and we do not charge extra for your having many creditors.
  • The same one low fee covers you and your spouse and all the creditors you can possibly have. If you use a lawyer, they will take every opportunity to increase their fees, and that includes charging you a lot more if you have many creditors. Some lawyers use a teaser rate to get customers to come in, but that fee covers only the first creditor. If you have two or more creditors, their fee skyrockets. If you come across a lawyer advertising a low fee, it is only for the first creditor you list with them. Some may even say, free bankruptcy filing but it is just to hook you.
  • What if you need to file a chapter 7 bankruptcy online in a hurry? We complete typing all bankruptcies the same day and most of them within 5 hours.
  • What about the mandatory Label class? You are required to take a Label class before filing a chapter 7 bankruptcy, but this is nothing to worry about. There are lots of class providers offering their class online or over the phone, sometimes for free. When you hire us to type your chapter 7 bankruptcy online, we will provide you a list of all the counseling class providers for your convenience. Class providers prefer that you have your bankruptcy documents prepared before taking their class so that they can properly reference the bankruptcy petition in the certificate of class completion they will give you. To avoid confusion, we are NOT a counseling provider nor are we a credit repair company. Onestop Bankruptcy Center is strictly a full-service online chapter 7 and chapter 13 bankruptcy typing service.
  • What if you run into problems and heed help? We have the best customer support in the industry and when you hire us, you are never alone. We respond to support requests promptly and thoroughly. You can ask any sort of question and we take the time to research it and give you the right answer every time. Our goal is to make sure that your online bankruptcy filing is as hassle free as possible and that means taking care of your needs fully. If you hire a chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer, they will not be available to answer your questions after they have taken your money. With software or do-it-alone PDF forms, customer support is physically impossible,
  • Our legendary Onestop Bankruptcy Center customer service does not stop with typing your documents. We hold your hands from start to finish and even after you have filed the document, and you have finished with the trustee meeting. You can contact us even after your case is closed. Closed cases may sometimes need to be reopened and it is good to know that we will be there for you no matter what.

    Click here to see how we handle customer support.
  • Should you hire a lawyer for a consumer bankruptcy? In one word, NO. Hiring a chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer could work against you in a number of important ways. First, if you hire a lawyer you will not qualify to have the court filing fees waived, even if you have no income. That is a firm court rule. The second is that for a consumer, a chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyers will only spend the minimum time needed to make the sale and collect their fee and that is usually about 30 minutes of initial consultation. Beyond that, they will lose money giving you free bankruptcy advice if they cannot get their usual $300 per hour fee. So, what do they do after they have been paid?
  • They hand off your chapter 7 bankruptcy preparation to a secretary who oftentimes can only type the forms and does not know enough to answer your questions. If you call asking for the lawyer, you will be told that he or she is in conference, which means, making another sale, or is in court. The next time you will see him or her will be at the trustee meeting. That is just how they play the game. If they charge you $1,000 and spend 30 minutes making the sale and 30 minutes at the trustee hearing, they will have spent a total of one hour on you at a rate of $1,000 per hour. That is great for them but bad for you. This lack of sustained personal contact with the client is why most chapter 7 bankruptcy attorneys prepared bankruptcies leave debtors less than satisfied and sometimes ruins their chance for a clean debt discharge or worse, costs them in lost assets.

"Wow! I Can't Believe..."

"WOW! I can't believe how easy this was! First, I filed your docs with the Kansas City bankruptcy court. The clerk there actually commented on how well prepared they were. Then came the 341 meeting. The trustee was astonished (no kidding) that I didn't have a lawyer (everyone did). The reason I say that is that he asked where my attorney was. I said I didn't have one. "Who filled these forms out"? he asked. I did. He complimented me on how well I was prepared and how well the petition was filled out. (I thought your customer testimonials were...you know...faked...but they weren't!!) Man oh man am I ever glad I went with you guys. I even saw one attorney apologize for how he filled out his client's petition (that person was told to return to ANOTHER meeting with properly filled out forms). Thank you!" - Tim W, Kansas City, KS


and how we solve them

In order to fully appreciate what Onestop Bankruptcy Center does to make your bankruptcy filing easy, you need to consider the three problems all bankruptcy filers face. We describe these problems here and then follow it with how we solve all of them


There is more to filing chapter 7 bankruptcy online than just typing the forms. It is not enough to list all your creditors and all your assets and hope for the best. Someone must know what they are doing and that someone is either you, if you are typing the documents without help, or your lawyer or bankruptcy preparation expert.

You are not an expert and reading about online chapter 7 bankruptcy on the internet is not going to make you one. The forms may look deceptively simple and you could think that there is nothing to it, but that could be a mistake. If you succeed in preparing the chapter 7 bankruptcy forms, that does not mean that you will not be in for a shock later. Play it safe and have it done by a trained professional, even if it is with an attorney and not Onestop Bankruptcy Center.

The main problem is often with your secured debts and your collateralized assets. How much of your assets can you keep after bankruptcy? If you have more than one car, what happens to them? If you have a bank account, do you lose it? If you own a house, how do you prevent the trustee from seizing it? How about all the other things that you own? Which ones can you keep?

The trickiest part is knowing how to deal with secured debts. This is because secured debts are attached to your most valuable things you own. What good is it to discharge your car if you will be left without a car? What good is it to discharge your if you are going to lose your house? What do you do about all the furniture and appliances you put up as collateral for

"Absolutely Painless"

"I just completed my 341 meeting. Add me to the list of people whose paperwork was accepted by the court without question. As a matter of fact, I had to correct the clerks, as part of my creditors were not notified. The 341 meeting was absolutely painless, even though I don't feel good about having to do this and there was an "audience". The trustee had few questions. All of the other people had attorneys representing them who said NOTHING. I left without issue and the initial creditor meeting is concluded. Now, are there other potential pitfalls I should be prepared for? Also, do you have a list of programs for the Label requirement after the hearing? Thanks for doing all that you said you would do." - Melissa. D, Oakland, CA

Do you reaffirm the secured debts and keep the property or is there a way to discharge the secured debts and keep the collateral? Regardless of what you do, you are going to discharge a lot of debt but is it possible to discharge 100% of your secured debts and still keep the collateral debt free?

Our full-service chapter 7 and chapter 13 bankruptcy solutions will enable you to:

  • Erase all your unsecured debts, no matter how much you owe. It does not matter whether or not you remember all your creditors or how much you owe them. They will all be discharged.

    But before you think that we are just providing you how-to information, let us clear the air. We are a full-service bankruptcy typing and preparation company. This means that Onestop Bankruptcy Center will prepare 100% of all the documents you will need for your chapter 7 filing and that we will be with you to the end of your case and beyond. It is as many as 80 typed pages. We will talk more about that shortly. All of these other informational resources come free with our typing service.
  • If you have secured debts such as a house or automobiles or even boats and most luxury goods and you want to keep them, you will be able to keep all of them. You may choose to reaffirm some of them or to downright cram most of them down so that you pay pennies on the dollar. The choice is yours. Most people do not know about this cram down option, but you will.
  • If you have furniture or appliance and you want to keep the assets without paying a single dime more on them and without reaffirming, it is possible. There are a couple of simple steps that anyone can take to convert them from secured debts to unsecured debts and thus discharge them. Most bankruptcy lawyers do not include this in their service and certainly, no bankruptcy software can do this, but you will. We will show you how to at no extra cost.
  • Chapter 7 bankruptcy exemptions enable you to keep a lot of your assets that you already own, without turning them over to the trustee for liquidation. The problem is that they often fall short in the important areas such as bank accounts, and vehicles. With the proper knowhow, the average person can keep just about everything they own including all their vehicles, but the key is knowing what they are doing.
  • Please note that we are not saying that you can keep a private jet nor are we even saying that we ourselves will protect all your assets. Even the best attorneys cannot do that. We are saying that the vast majority of consumers filing bankruptcy do not lose anything, and for those who have more property than exemptions can cover, it is still possible to keep just about everything, if they follow some simple instructions.
  • Technical speaking, our job is to type the forms, not to guarantee asset protection or to guarantee your boat, vacation home or jet ski. However, we provide free bankruptcy information on our paid site that debtors can use to protect their excess assets when exemptions run out. That is all we are saying. So, if you have been worrying about what to do to protect the second or third vehicle, do not worry.
  • There is so much more we can say about the free information on our paid site, but we will refrain from listing them here. This is because we do not want to raise expectations unnecessarily beyond our core responsibility, which is typing your bankruptcy documents.

You are not an expert and you should not jeopardize your Label future pretending otherwise. What you do not know could hurt you. Play it safe and let us prepare your bankruptcy documents for you. We have been preparing bankruptcy documents for decades and when you put us to work, we will prepare 100% of everything you will need for a complete chapter 7 bankruptcy and then some. Our service is as good as it gets bar none.

If you have not already done so, you can visit Bankruptcy Reviews to compare us to other bankruptcy web sites and bankruptcy attorneys.

"Wonderfully smooth"

"Greetings, I filed my bankruptcy using your service 10/06/2005 and everything went wonderfully smooth and I had no problems. My debts were discharged and all was well. However, recently I received a call from a creditor who I did NOT add to the original schedule {...} and I now need to add them to old bankruptcy. Please advise? Thanks so much, Lorie G." - Lorie G., Little Rock, AR


Beyond knowing what you are doing, the most difficult part of online bankruptcy filing is preparing all 60 to 80 pages of a complete chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy. If you hire a lawyer, your part in this is reduced but not entirely eliminated. Most chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyers do not prepare bankruptcies. They make the sale and then turn it over to their paralegals who in turn hand you a set of blank bankruptcy forms and ask you to fill them out on your own and bring them back.

If you decide to prepare the forms yourself, after entering your name and address and a few bills, you will quickly get bogged down by the sheer volume of data you have to enter, alphabetize, correlate with other data, calculate and look up. 

In October 2005, in an attempt to discourage bankruptcy filing, the credit card lobby complicated chapter 7 bankruptcy filing by introducing a means test. This new law greatly complicates the process in that in addition to the already tedious bookkeeping chore of preparing the forms, you now have to look up numerous government data stored in various federal databases. You have to select the ones applicable to your family and asset structure and then import them to the documents, where you then perform the calculations, just to determine if you even qualify.

Any errors in the calculations could render your bankruptcy ineffective and the only sure way to overcome this danger is to employ powerful computers that both retrieve the data from the government databases, and perform all the calculations error free. Obviously do it yourself bankruptcy filers have no access to such technology and so are forced to hiring expensive lawyers they otherwise would not need.

This is where the credit card companies made their last stand and it worked marvelously. It kept people away from getting relief and instead, kept them under the thumb of the Label overlords.

There is only one way to have your bankruptcy documents prepared and that is to have it typed for you by a professional. This task is too complicated for do-it-alone bankruptcy software, besides the fact that there is no genuine bankruptcy software on the market. Some sites offer the same free blank bankruptcy PDF files that anyone can download for free and they repackage it and call it software. Watch out for them.

If you hire an attorney that could set you back monetarily quite a bit, besides the fact that in some special situations, it could actually leave you strapped with more after-bankruptcy debt than if you used a full-service bankruptcy company such as ours. We will talk more about this later but first here is how we handle preparing the documents.

  • Because Onestop Bankruptcy Center is strictly a typing service, we have prepared more bankruptcy forms than just about any bankruptcy preparation company or bankruptcy lawyer. We stopped counting many years ago when we surpassed the 20,000-case count. Experience translates to accuracy and accuracy to quality and that is why our documents are second to none.
  • We will type every single form you will need for your online chapter 7 bankruptcy filing and it does not matter whether they turn out to be 50 pages or 100 pages or more. It is the same one low fee, so you do not need to first count the number of your creditors as you would with a lawyer. There are no surprises to worry about.
  • When people read that we do not charge extra for having many creditors, they sometimes ask if they read it correctly. Yes, the more creditors you list the more work we have to do, but rather than charge more for the extra work, we prefer to give everyone a break. To be clear, Onestop Bankruptcy Center prepares the full gamut of documents, including but not limited to:

    ◦Voluntary Petition
    ◦Summary of Schedules
    ◦Notice to consumer debtors
    ◦Schedule-A/B: Property
    ◦Schedule-C: Exempt Property
    ◦Schedule-D: Secured Creditors
    ◦Schedule-E: Priority Creditors
    ◦Schedule-F: Unsecured Creditors
    ◦Schedule-G: Executory Contracts and Leases
    ◦Schedule-H: Co-debtors
    ◦Schedule-I: Current Income
    ◦Schedule-J: Current Expenses
    ◦Declaration Concerning Schedules
    ◦Statement of Intention
    ◦Statement of Label Affairs
    ◦The chapter 7 means test forms
    ◦Creditor Mailing Matrix
    ◦Statement About Social Security Numbers
    ◦Chapter 7 Statement of Your Current Monthly Income
    ◦Statement of Exemption from Presumption of Abuse
    ◦Chapter 7 Means Test Calculation
    ◦Statement of Social Security Number
    ◦Various local forms
    ◦And more

    So, just because we give you so much does not mean that we cut corners on the finished documents to make it work. You get everything and then some.
  • If you need to file a joint bankruptcy with a spouse, we will type their documents too at no extra cost. The same one low fee for an individual filer covers your spouse to. 
  • If you earn low income, you can have the court filing fee waived. We include the paperwork to waive the court fee in every chapter 7 bankruptcy that we type just in case you need it. Having the court filing fee is a big deal because that alone can save you as much as $300 out of pocket. You should note that the court does not waive the filing fee for people who have lawyers seeing that if they can afford a lawyer, they can afford the court fee. This is just one more perk of have us type your bankruptcy forms.
  • You do not need to contact the creditors yourself to let them know that you are filing bankruptcy. Onestop Bankruptcy Center includes in the documents that we type, everything the court clerk will need to send out notices to the creditors.
  • Our typed documents will stop the creditors from calling you once you file them with the court. There is no need to pay a lawyer to field the calls. The filing stops the harassing phone calls.
  • Once you sign up with us, we direct you to our paid-customer site where you submit your information to us. Giving us your information is very easy. Unlike lawyers, we do not give you a stack of forms and ask you to fill them in and bring them back. You simply enter your information in your web browser in the easiest online intake form possible.
  • The information you give us is stored in our system until our job is finished. You do not have to give us your information in one sitting. You can log in whenever you want to continue entering your information. So, you can start giving us your basic information when you sign up and then come back later to continue where you left off.
  • You can access our system from any computer anywhere with your login credentials that we will give you. So, you can log in from wherever it is convenient for you, from work on your break, from home or even from a public computer if you do not have one.
  • What sort of information will Onestop Bankruptcy Center ask from you? It will be the usual biographic information that the official court forms ask and that is, name, address, employment information, income information, a list of your main possession and your creditors. You do not even need to remember who all your creditors are or where they are located. On our paid site, we go over all these minor details, but it should suffice to know that you already have all the information that you will need and there is no need to first get a Label or call the creditors to get information on your debts.
  • Preparing the means test forms is always the step where all type-it-yourself filers get bogged down. Since we are the ones typing your forms, we make it so easy that you will be done with it without realizing it. You just fill in the basic information we ask for on our intake form and voilà, it is done. We do all the government database lookups, all the complicated calculations and all of everything!
  • Our intake form can be completed in just an hour or two and it is so easy and intuitive that most people never ask us for help with it. However, should the need arise, you should know that our customer support staff are on hand to assist you as often as you need it.

    Our legendary Onestop Bankruptcy Center customer support cannot be beat. We hold your hands from start to finish and even after you have filed the document, and you have finished with the trustee meeting and even after your case is closed. We respond to all support requests promptly and we will be there to hold your hands. If you just want someone to listen, we are there for that too.


    If you have not already done so, you can visit Bankruptcy Reviews to compare our customer service to other bankruptcy web sites and bankruptcy attorneys.


"You guys are incredible! My success all stems from your service. In short after I signed, the filing at the court house took less than five minutes (the clerk looked through the file then stamped it). I recieved[sic] a note to report to the creditors meeting a week or so later. Upon arrival it took about twenty minutes before they called my name. The trustee was very friendly and actually made a joke putting everyone at ease. I was asked to raise my right hand to swear in, answered a few questions and bada-bing. The last thing the trustee said to me was "ok Mr. Nguyen, your first payment {chapter 13} would be on the 25th of each month. Have a wonderful day......next! Holy moly, I felt like I just made three thousand dollars for myself by not hiring the attorney! Thank you, again Nguyen." - Nguyen, Fort Lauderdale, FL


In most cases you can and should file your online bankruptcy without hiring an attorney, but still too many people waste their money hiring an attorney out of fear and for the wrong reasons. There are several myths and misconceptions that many people fall for.

Myth - 1: There is the myth that the trustee hearing or creditor meeting is indeed a "creditor meeting." This could not be further from the truth. It may be called a creditor meeting but in actuality, there is no real meeting of anybody, creditor or not. Here is how the process works.

On the day of your meeting, you walk into a crowded room with no place to sit. At the end of the room is a desk with a trustee and a pile of bankruptcy files. The names of the people are called off one at a time. When it is your turn, you will usually be asked three standard questions. The first one is whether or not you were coerced or forced into filing bankruptcy. The second one is whether or not you want to complete the bankruptcy process, and the third one is whether you want to change anything on the documents you filed. You answer those questions, and you are done. It is that simple. The whole process will be over in under a minute. In some cases, it is over in as little as 30 seconds.

You will not get to talk to any creditors because they will not be there. There is no round table or any table for that matter, for you and the creditors to sit at and talk. To repeat, you walk up, state your name and answer three standard questions from the trustee, and you are done.

The phrase "Creditor Meeting" is a holdover from corporate chapter 11 bankruptcies where multi-billion dollar companies and their creditors sit down and work out a repayment plan. They just retained the name, creditor meeting, to the confusion of consumer debtors who mistakenly think it is a real creditor meeting for them.

The forum of the trustee meeting is not where a creditor can voice a concern if they have one. If they have a concern and they rarely do, they will submit it in writing, not show up at the hearing. Creditor disputes are so unlikely that lawyer do not provide for it in their basic fee, so you really have nothing to be afraid of. In short, the hearing functions as a means for the trustee to get to meet the person filing and to make sure he or she knows what they are doing.


"I used your services to prepare my bankruptcy documents and I just completed my Trustee/Creditor Hearing. My documents and schedules were perfect. The instructions you provided {...} were very helpful and reflected everything that happened in real life. I could not be happier with your services which are worth many times what you charge for them. Thank you for saving me thousands in attorney fees. Sincerely, Jorge R Ft Collins, CO" - Jorge R. Ft Collins, CO

Myth - 2: The second myth that many people fall for is to believe that a lawyer can represent them at the trustee meeting. Lawyers can no more represent you at the trustee meeting than they can represent you to watch a beautiful sunset on your behalf. It is something you have to do yourself.

A lawyer can come to the trustee meeting with you, but so can your best friend or anyone else for that matter. If you bring a lawyer to the hearing, they can only state their name and no more. They cannot answer the three standard questions for you. If they try, the trustee will stop them in their tracks. So why do some people hire lawyers for their chapter 7 bankruptcy filing?

They do so simply because they are afraid, and they do not know any better. It is like a kid having their parent take them to school on their first day. It does not accomplish anything other than to calm them down.

The one thing most people regret about their bankruptcy experience is that they let themselves get conned into paying money they did not have to hire an attorney they did not need for the trustee meeting.

Your chapter 7 bankruptcy success depends solely on the documents you file, not on what happens at the trustee meeting. The meeting is merely a formality and nothing more.

Myth - 3: The third common bankruptcy myth is to believe that the trustee decides the outcome of the bankruptcy. The trustees are only administrators and they have no power to make any orders or to decide anything. For chapter 7 consumer cases, their job is mostly to look over the papers and to hold the meeting. Some trustees are not even lawyers. Anyone can apply for a job as a trustee. If you are good with numbers, you too can become a trustee.

If you follow the rules, the discharge of your debts is virtually an automated process. You have a constitutional right to have your debts discharged and no court or judge or trustee is doing you a favor. The trustee and the judge are there to make sure you are following the rules.

Bankruptcy is strictly an administrator process and not really a legal one. It more naturally belongs in accounting and bookkeeping but because it is overseen by a judge, it has been dominated by lawyers.

Myth - 4: The fourth and final myth is to believe that you will come face to face with a bankruptcy judge. If you are a consumer debtor as opposed to a business, you will never come before the bankruptcy judge. Bankruptcy judges are mostly for contested corporate bankruptcy cases where many millions of dollars are at stake.

Even when the court issues you your discharge, a judge does not put his or her signature on it. The discharge notice is just a form letter mailed out by the clerk of the court which simply states the exact phrase, "all dischargeable debts are discharged." That is it. They do not even list what is discharged since it is presumed that they are all discharged.

If everybody knew how unnecessary lawyers are at the trustee meeting, they would opt for having the documents typed by a full-service company such as ours, and let lawyers go after genuine legal cases.

You are only three easy steps from getting your debts discharged. Sign up today to get started.

3 Easy Steps

Sign up and give us your information on our easy online questionnaire. You can complete our questionnaire at your own pace. When you are done providing us your information, Onestop Bankruptcy Center will go to work preparing 100% of everything you will need for you chapter 7 bankruptcy discharge. It will take us no more than one day to complete.

Onestop Bankruptcy Center will prepare 100% of everything you need for a complete bankruptcy filing and deliver them to you by download. You can then take the mandatory online counseling class that we mentioned earlier. All you have to do is sign your name on our documents and then file them with the court by mail or in person, along with the proof of counseling that the counseling class provider will give you. 

The court clerk will schedule the trustee meeting and as we said already, it is merely a formality. You show up at the meeting, answer the three standard questions and you are done. From here on you just wait to get the discharge notice in the mail. That is all there is to it and it is just that simple, provided you have us professionally prepare the documents for you...

To recap

  • Full-Service Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Typing/Preparation
  • Same Day Service - If you need to file today, you can.
  • Fully Ready for Filing - Just sign and file
  • Onestop Bankruptcy Center Guarantees the results, not just the filing
  • Discharge all your debts or keep the ones you want
  • Keep all the belongings you want, including multiple vehicles
  • This is not do it alone Software - We type everything for you
  • Same low fee of individual or joint filing
  • List any number of creditors at no extra charge
  • Includes free court filing fee waiver at no extra charge
  • We type the documents and, you file them
  • There are no hidden fees
  • Excellent customer support


"I would really like to take the time to "sincerely" thank you all for the fabulous job you've done on preparing my papers for filing! Especially at this time of year when stress levels are running very high, and I was worried about all the paperwork being as it should be, it turned out to be one of the easiest and smoothest things I have ever done. It is usually not my luck to have things go so right the first time around, but everything was done so perfectly and the instructions you had provided me were so helpful, I never felt I was ever left on my own; even after our business had concluded! I have to admit, I was a skeptic at first, especially when I saw how fast the paperwork had be prepared and sent back, literally, it was sent back to me within one day of me sending them into you! Overall, I am extremely satisfied with every aspect of your services from start to finish! It turned out to be far better then I ever anticipated it to be, and I honestly do not think the hiring of a lawyer could have done, only drain my pocket even dryer than it already is! I will recommend your services to anyone else I know who is put in this situation. This was, by far, the best Christmas gift I could have ever gotten... A completely successful bankruptcy filing done right the very first time and it ran as smooth as silk from beginning to end!!!

Thanks, you made my holidays a Very Merry and Bright one!! With all my Deepest Sincerity and Gratitude... " Thank You!"" - Janine P. El Paso, TX


You have read our customer testimonials and you are convinced that we are the right choice for your bankruptcy, but we will do one better. We will tell you who the other bankruptcy companies are so that you can visit them and compare for yourself. You will find a list of the other bankruptcy web sites at the premier bankruptcy review site, Chapter 7 Reviews.

Bankruptcy Reviews has been reviewing bankruptcy attorneys and bankruptcy web sites for more than a decade and they are the most popular bankruptcy review site for consumer bankruptcies. Bankruptcy Reviews.


If you are not sure you will qualify to file chapter 7, you can take a Free Chapter 7 Means Test to know for sure. Click on the link below to take the free test: Free Bankruptcy Means Test.


While others guarantee the documents, we go to insane heights to put your mind at east. Onestop Bankruptcy Center guarantees that you will get your debts discharged, not just that the documents will be prepared correctly. Ultimately, only you can control the accuracy of the information that you give us. For that matter, it is even possible that there is a good reason why the court should not grant you the discharge notice. Notwithstanding all of that, if the court does not give you a discharge, even it is your fault (except for you deliberately trying not to get a discharge,) you will get your money back.

It is like going to college and the school guaranteeing that you will not only be taught correctly but that you will graduate and get a good job or they will refund your tuition. Now you see why we call it the insane guarantee?

This is the only guarantee like it anywhere and we offer it to you not because we have lost our minds, but because we want you to have the peace of mind knowing that once you pay us, there will be no excuse from us as to why you could not get your discharge.


  • Our special discounted price below. Offer expires without notice.
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(1.) Keep two, three or more cars without exemptions (2.) Keep all your other possessions even if your exemptions run out; (3.) Cram down most secure debts so you keep the collateral while paying only pennies to the dollar (4.) Keep certain types of secured assets without signing a reaffirmation or making any payments (5.) Convert some types of secured debts into unsecured debts, thereby discharging them without any more payments (6) Shield your spouse's credit if he or she does not file; and much more.


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Our do-it-yourself bankruptcy software product is the best there is!

If you are confident that you can handle your bankruptcy by yourself but just need a great tool to generate the documents, then our online bankruptcy software is ideal for you.

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Complete Bankruptcy
The product name says it all! We prepare your online bankruptcy and guide you from start to finish.

There is no software to download and no do-it-yourself to grapple with. We do it all for you. Kick back while we do the heavy lifting for you.

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Our ultimate full-service bankruptcy product contains everything in the Complete FS, plus our proprietary bankruptcy knowledge base. In short, everything you read about on the site and more!

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Bankruptcy Software

Our do-it-yourself bankruptcy software product is the best there is!

If you are confident that you can handle your bankruptcy by yourself but just need a great tool to generate the documents, then our online bankruptcy software is ideal for you.

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Complete Full Service

The product name says it all! We prepare your online bankruptcy and guide you from start to finish.

There is no software to download and no do-it-yourself to grapple with. We do it all for you. Kick back while we do the heavy lifting for you.

Before ordering this product, click on the "Learn More" link to find out how it differs from the Ultimate FS.

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Ultimate Full Service

Our ultimate full-service bankruptcy product contains everything in the Complete FS, plus our proprietary bankruptcy knowledge base. In short, everything you read about on the site and more!

It also comes with the insane guarantee plus a special surprise we have not yet mentioned on this page.

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